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Fragrances Delighting your senses

The fragrances existing in nature have accompanied humans throughout history. From the origin of fragrances, several ancient cultures used them like presents to gods, because they considered it only worthy of divinities.

Afterwards, humans started to desire to consume fragrances at themselves, and Greeks took advantage of this new necessity, selling fragrances like "make it with essences from Olympus". Nowadays, perfume is an indispensable diary complement that define us.

With the extensive experience of our team of perfumers, we launched to the market a large expanse of creations, innovations and custom development.

In ACTIGOLDEN we specialize in the field of olfactive beauty, which includes from fine perfumes to body care products (shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, facial cream, body creams, etc.)

    In addition, we create home fragrances from household applications (air freshener, bar soap, detergent, softener, floor cleaner, etc.)