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Flavors Gustative Experiences 

Due to the wide variety of food products that are within our reach, from the simplest to the most complex and unique to the delicatessen products, everyday has increased the level of consumer demand, seeking flavors that stand out from other products market. 
The flavors are the answer to this new need. These are substances, not intended for consumption as such, which are added to foods to make or modify its smell or taste. The effect of flavors, to provide odor and flavor to food, is the distinguishing factor by which the consumer values and recognizes each food or drink. 
With creativity and coordination of our team led by one of the creators flavourists most experienced and prestige, create scents to be applied to a wide variety of products in the food sector:
- Beverages: refreshment, juices, liquors.
- Sweets: dairy, baked, confectionery, ice-creams, pastries.
- Salty: snacks, chips, precooked dishes, sauces and soups.
- Others: tobacco, oral hygiene, lip balm.

We offer several flavor formats: powder, liquid (lipo or hydrosolubles) and paste, it depends of our customer requirements. 
Some example of our flavor catalog: olives, avocado, apricot, aioli, almond, anchovy, anise, blueberry, hazelnut, bacon, brandy, coffee, cinnamon, meat, cherry, chocolate, cocoa, cola, herbs, raspberry, strawberry, prosciutto, kiwi, dairy, milk, lemon, mango butter, apple, seafood, peach, mint, honey, oranges, nuts, cucumber, pear, pineapple, banana, cheese (various), licorice, mushrooms, tomato, truffle wine, vanilla, and many more...

Alongside with our quality, innovation, technology and service in the division of aromas, we are pleased to manufacture all the flavors needed to meet customer needs and innovative market demands.
Both sweet and savory, creativity gives way to reality.